about us.

Atomic-House is a creative services studio focused on the elements and principles of effective visual communication. Our commitment to our clients is three-fold: deliver effective graphic design, durable brand identity and distinctive original illustrations.

Atomic began in March, 2000 as a full-service design studio. We offered the total range of communication services, from advertising to web site design--with a heavy dose of brand and corporate ID bringing it all together. Since then, we refined and pared our services to concentrate on three core areas of expertise: design, identity and illustration. Our name, "Atomic," reflects this focus on communication basics.

Attention to fundamentals, characterizes our approach to all aspects of the communications business, including customer relations, production values, creative strategies and project management.

For over ten years, Atomic has served clients that range from small, local boutiques to large, multi-national corporations. Many of our clients have a product or service that defies simple description, and they require a partner who can quickly grasp the fundamentals of their business and create relevant, impactful graphics that help them achieve their communication goals. Atomic serves a variety of industries, including telecom, retail, entertainment, healthcare, education, defense and computer technologies.


As mentioned above, Atomic began in March 2000 and it's initial web site went online shortly after in 2001. With few amendments, that site was in place until Fall of . A ten-year-old web site could be a testament to the endurance of good design and enlightened execution... or it could be evidence of serious neglect.

In case you're wondering what a decade-old website looks like, click here.

We don't necessarily intend for this site to stand unchanged for the next ten years, but just in case, we looked to emerging web standards and practices and took special care to anticipate and accommodate the changing requirements of an evolving Internet environment.

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